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     Our farm is located in Mansfield, Missouri and we believe that the Ozarks is the most beautiful place to live.  We are proud to own 196 acres that is part of a farm that has been in our family since 1876 and we are a registered Missouri Century Farm. This farm is part of a vision that we have for our family and our future. We are dedicated to keeping agriculture alive and our animals healthy and happy.  Like most farms it is a work in progress, but we look forward to growing, learning, and improving our home. 

   We raise Katahdin hair sheep and enjoy them very much.  We strive to have low maintenance animals and we raise our animals as naturally as possible. We practice rotational grazing and all of our animals are kept on pasture, even our milk cow Josie. We began stockpiling our fescue and have only had to feed hay during very bad weather, while keeping our animals in top condition. We have approximately 100 Katahdin ewes that are selected based on parasite resistance and mothering ability.  We are dedicated to the preservation of this wonderful breed and keeping true to the breed standards that they are respected for. 

    We recently purchased a small starter group of mulefoot hogs. These are a critically rare heritage breed of hog and wonderfully friendly.  They are known to produce superior tasting pork and we look forward to helping to preserve this breed of hogs.

Take some time to tour our site and as we grow, so will this website.  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact us.